5 Best Self-Tanning Products 2019


Photo: ©Paff / Stocksy

Summer is just days away, so let the quest for the perfect tan begin!

A word of caution: spending long hours baking under the hot sun is a dangerous way to bronze up, and hitting the tanning bed isn’t any better. Both can promote premature aging and increase your risk of developing melanoma, aka the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Spray tans can be a great way to liven up your skin, instantly. However, constant trips to the salon for color that only lasts a week can seriously cut into your summer fun…and funds.

Avoid breaking the bank (and threatening your life) by turning to self-tanning products for an instant summer glow. Infused with natural ingredients, here are the best sunless solutions for radiant skin this year!

Special note: If you do opt for sunless tanning, remember to still apply sunscreen when you go outside!

For a suntan effect without a trip to the salon: Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Mist

Spray yourself at home and achieve the same golden tan you’d get at the salon, but with a hydrating result that lasts. Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Mist evenly coats your body with an ultra-fine mixture of natural ingredients including aloe vera, witch hazel, and erythrulose, the browning agent. Derived from red raspberries, erythrulose ensures that a tan develops, lasts longer, and fades more evenly than your standard spray. Use on your face and body for rich, vacation-worthy color that develops in a few short hours.

For your deepest tan yet: St. Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse

St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse is my personal go-to for a streak-free, natural-looking glow. But, if you’re going for that back-from-vacation deep tan, reach for the St. Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse. I love how this weightless formula dries extremely fast for a non-sticky, non-transferable finish. The easy-to-apply formula adjusts to your skin tone giving you a custom tan that makes it look like you spent hours laying out at the beach, but without the sun damage.

For a natural-looking facial tan: COOLA Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum

If you’re into tanning the good ‘ol fashioned way, make sure that you’re always wearing sunscreen with at least SPF 30 protection. Avoid laying out between 10am and 3pm when the sun rays are most harmful. I recommend always covering your face with a hat or towel to avoid exposure.

To get a glowing complexion that matches your natural tan, opt for a serum that delivers radiance with an antioxidant-rich formula. Infused with 99%+ natural ingredients, COOLA’s Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum, gradually builds your tan with sugar beet derived DHA and leaves skin looking youthful with a blend of argan oil, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and plant stem cell cultures.

For an instant tan without the maintenance: Sisley-Paris Tinted Body Sun Glow Gel

Need a bronze right now? Sisley-Paris delivers in 5 minutes flat. The Tinted Body Sun Glow Gel’s lightweight, fluid texture absorbs immediately and adjusts to your skin type for a luminous tan. I love how this temporary solution contains lotion-like ingredients, including shea butter and vitamin E, for a hydrated result. With this gel, you won’t have to exfoliate uneven patches or worry about fading throughout the week. Simply wash it off to start over and reapply for fresh color everyday. Feel free to apply right before a day or night out, and feel rest assured that your newfound tan won’t budge until you remove with soap and water.

For a natural-looking glow: Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body

For the most natural effect, there’s Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Body. This silky formula bathes your features in a warm, shimmery glow that gives you celeb-style radiance. Described as shapewear for the skin, this luminescent cream plays with light and shadow to contour, highlight, smooth and sculpt limbs. Not to mention it tones up your figure, so you look fit without breaking a sweat all summer long!

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