Use This Product, And Your Makeup Brushes Will Thank You


One of the bigger beauty investments we all make is a set of quality makeup brushes. But too often, after the purchase, we neglect to give our brushes the TLC they deserve. Even though we use these tools on our faces every day, they often sit on a bathroom shelf or vanity in a jar, with no protection, while other products are carefully stored and covered. And what’s more—drying or storing brushes bristle-up or lying flat is actually really bad for them.

That’s why The Brush Guard is a dream come true. So what is it, exactly? Essentially, a tightly woven, mesh-like, polyester sleeve, which stretches and molds to snugly fit the shape and size of any brush. You slip them over every brush when its not in use—it serves as a protective cover, helping to preserve the brush’s original shape and quality. What’s even better, a Brush Guard can even reform a brush that’s splayed out and become misshapen.

The way the Guards work reminds us of Chinese finger traps. After cleaning a brush, you slip a Guard over the handle, so that the ends of it extend beyond the bristles (as pictured), and let it dry bristle-down in a cup or jar. The breathable material lets water drain out and away, rather than seeping into the handle—and loosening the glue that holds the hairs in place. This is what happens when you dry brushes bristle-up or lying down flat. And don’t worry, placing them bristle-down doesn’t mean they’ll be sitting in dirty water. Brush Guards are designed to extend beyond the bristles, which elevates them inside their drying or storage vessel. This also eliminates excess dampness which can prompt bacteria growth. (Gross!)

Just know that in order for the guards to work properly, you need the right size for each brush. It should fit snugly, and not at all loose. A good way to test it is by flicking the guard when it’s on—if it slides at all, go a size down.

At $9.95 for most packs, Brush Guards are small price to pay to keep your beloved brushes in the best possible shape. Packs vary in quantity depending on size: the Shadow & Liner Pack comes with ten extra small guards; the Cheek & Blush Pack with five small; the Foundation Pack with five medium; the Powder & Kabuki Pack with four large; the Variety Pack with one large, two medium, two small, and one extra small; and the Large Variety Pack ($27) with three extra small, six small, six medium, and three large.

Easy enough, right? Note that Brush Guards are perfect for travel, too—so keep your brushes covered whether you’re at home or on the go. Shop The Brush Guard here!

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