Subtle Contouring Step by Step, with Wayne Goss, The Face Set


By now, you all know about Wayne Goss—superstar video blogger and creator of the most coveted makeup brushes of 2013—pretty well. Wayne Goss, The Collection was so well-received that Wayne went back to the drawing board to expand on it. And we couldn’t be more excited to share The Face Set, a brand new, must-have six-piece collection, available now exclusively on Beautylish.

Like The Collection, The Face Set is handcrafted in Japan—and every brush is made from the softest, 100% cruelty-free natural-hair bristles and designed with versatility in mind. The feedback from the first run of brushes has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans practically begging Wayne for more brushes, including larger tools for foundation, contouring, and blending. “The set is a great complement to The Collection because overall, these are larger—and you can never have too many brushes!” says Wayne.

While you can do almost anything with The Face Set, we created a tutorial with Wayne to celebrate the six new brushes and all of their uses. The inspiration? Subtle ’90s-style contouring using powder blush, bronzer, and face powder—a classic go-to for Wayne.

You Will Need

  • Wayne Goss, The Face Set (Brushes 10–15)
  • concealer
  • cream or liquid foundation
  • all-over face powder
  • powder blush
  • powder bronzer
  • powder highlighter

1: To prep. start with moisturizer or primer, and follow with concealer anywhere you need it.

2: Using Brush 10, apply cream or liquid foundation all over the face. Blend well, using a circular motion. (If you prefer mineral foundation, use Brush 13 instead.)

3: Next, follow with powder all over using Brush 11.

4: Using Brush 12 and your bronzer, contour beneath the cheekbones, along the jawline, and across the hairline and temples. (For more on contouring basics, see this tutorial.)

5: Then grab Brush 13 and blend out any hard edges or lines you created in steps three and four along the jawbone, cheeks, and temples. This brush is excellent for blending everything from blush and highlighter to your contour shade.

6: Follow with blush, applied high up on the cheekbones using Brush 14. “In this ’90s-style look,” says Wayne, “blush doesn’t fall level with the iris. It’s always up high to give the illusion of higher cheekbones.”

7: To finish the look, use Brush 15 (the fan brush) to highlight along the tops of the cheekbones, right above the arch of each eyebrow (and not in the center of the forehead, notes Wayne), down the bridge of the nose, and on the cupid’s bow.

Top it off by adding a brown lipstick and penciling in brows. 

All makeup featured is from Kevyn Aucoin. See Featured Products section below for details.

Wayne Goss

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