Parian Spirit

Brush Cleaning Jar



Christine L.
Dedicated cleaning jar

Put a little bit of Parian Spirit in the jar and rub your brush hairs into the little plastic grid. Besides getting the essence of orange in the air, you:

1) reduce the potential mess from liquid cleansers, and 2) have the individual brush hairs open up to get the hard to reach spots cleaned.

Minus 1/2 a star for not fitting my bigger powder/foundation brushes in jar. I did use the lid as recommended in the product description. It just seemed funny to me my big brushes can't join in the cleaning fun.

I set this jar close to my brushes on my vanity. Now I'm reminded to clean my brushes every time I see it.

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Suzanne M.
Amazingly helpful!

I love the ingenius little cleaning grid at the bottom of the jar. It makes getting between the bristles of the brush so much more effective. I bought this at MUS a few years ago and was so happy with it. It's amazing how the solution and the jar get rid of even the brightest red lipstick from a lip brush in seconds. Just wish the glass wasn't quite so heavy, but that's not enough to be a real issue. Still rate it five stars!

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Diana M.
This jar is not your 'kitchen variety'...more substantial.

If you think that you will just use a re-purposed kitchen jar (like I did for so long), think again! The glass of this jar is far more substantial than what you might commonly re-purpose. Also, the lid...the seal is much thicker and wider than what you also may find with other common jars. Now onto the plastic simple, and yet so genius. A brush cleaner like Parian Spirit breaks down product so efficiently, that the particles will just sink to the bottom. This is where the genius lies. The 'broken-down product' residue just sits on the bottom of the jar, because the ring and the mesh piece keep your brush hairs away from it, you can keep using your solution without polluting each subsequent brush to be cleaned. (Now this is within reason of course!) This is a nice addition to my cleaning setup.

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Nancy-Lee C.
Valuable companion.

The secret sauce to this jar is the insert. Add Parian Spirit cleanser and the mesh insert acts as a scrubber for your brushes. It really works the product between the bristles to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and oil. If I broke this jar, I would buy a replacement immediately.

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StacyAnn B.

While you could use any container to clean your brush, this jar is really the most effective method. The grid and spacer really allow the cleaner to penetrate the bristles and eliminate the pigment. It's worth the investment, plain and simple.

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La L.
An absolute must

I've been a fan of Parian spirit for a while but always assumed this jar was just a jar. I was using a ramekin or a baby wipe and now I realize I was wasting a ton of product. The little grid at the bottom of the jar is what makes this work. Now I can clean dozens brushes and don't have to use a full bottle of cleaner. Obviously there are a ton of brush cleaners out there but this jar coupled with the cleaner is the best.

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Theresa G.

Great alternative cleaning technique instead of using the palm of your hand which can cause dry cracked skin after cleaning 30+ brushes. The grid at the bottom is great for deprecating the brush hairs so the product can be evenly distributed through out the brush.

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Yossie T.

If your planing to get Parian Spirit you must get this jar. It helps you get everything out your brushes because the mesh piece in the bottom of the jar. I love it also because if you didn't use it to much and there's still liquid left you can just screw the lid and use it whenever again. I recommend it!