Wedding Day Beauty Don'ts!


There's a lot to consider for your wedding day, or really, any big life happening that's going to be documented through hundreds of photos that you'll want to look back on forever. You want the right dress, the right hair, the right shoes, the right makeup. When you're making such an effort, planning ahead to look your best, it's easy to go overboard on treatments and services too close to the event. And it's just as easy to overlook little things—like the fact that you should stay far, far away from the sun beforehand (see #4!)—that can have a big impact on your overall look (not to mention photos).

Before I go on, there's one universal don't I should mention: don't forget that you're beautiful! Have fun!

1: Don't Do Hair Removal

Of any kind. Don’t get your brows, upper lip, or underarm area waxed/plucked/Nair'ed the day before your wedding. Or the day of your wedding. Schedule hair removal treatments about a week out, so the redness can calm down and you can fix any unexpected problems. Similarly, schedule a facial at least a few days before the big day to make sure any inflammation or irritation has time to wane. If you do find yourself with redness or splotchiness, say around the brows or anywhere else, have some Kiehl's Skin Rescuer on hand. The stuff cools and calms splotchy flare-ups instantly. It really works!

2: Don't Cut or Color Your Hair

This sounds like a no-brainer, but remember: it's not a good idea to cut or color your hair in the days leading up to the wedding. Think about all of those times you get your hair done in a salon and come out feeling bummed about the look. That's what you want to avoid. And if you have at least a few weeks to play with a new 'do, you'll feel much, much more confident. True story: our creative director, Bec, once had to shave her head completely once before an event because of a razor mishap. And in this particular case, bald wasn't the look she was going for. (On the flip side, we do like the idea of a bald bride.)

3: Don't Wear Non-Translucent Powder

When we asked Los Angeles–based makeup artist Brande Bytheway, a fixture around our photo studio, for her top wedding day no-no, she had one that's easy and essential. "Don’t wear a non-translucent powder," she says. "If your powder isn't translucent, it'll reflect the light of a camera flash and you'll look like a ghost in photos. Our pick? RMS Beauty "Un" Powder, which is the lightest, most perfecting thing ever. Dust it on to remove and prevent shine, and you'll get the most fresh, natural-looking finish.

4: Don't Go In the Sun!

Once again, Bec has a tip—one that sprung out of her own wedding experience. When you're anywhere close to the day itself, she warns, don't go in the sun! Right before her wedding, she inadvertently got a bikini-top-line burned into her skin after a mere 15 minutes in the Miami sun. And her dress? It was strapless. To try to even everything out, she put sunscreen on the tan parts and hit a tanning bed. "It sort of worked, but not really," she says. "And I totally burned my butt in the process!" Learn from our mistakes, guys. Before the event, if you're going outside at all, wear layers and triple up on the sunblock. 

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