DIY Nail Polish Swatch Book With Cutepolish


The blogger and Beautylish member known as Cutepolish is famous for her easy-to-follow, inspired nail art tutorials (just ask any of her 1.6 million–plus followers on YouTube). We keep Cutepolish’s profile on our site bookmarked as an endless source of mani ideas—and we came across this one-of-a-kind video, we just had to share! It’s such a simple idea, and it makes so much sense for anyone who loves nail polish: a handmade swatch book to keep track of your own nail color library. Genius!

When we asked the artist herself about her inspiration for the project, she said “I just needed to be able to showcase my collection in a simple and portable way.” She suggests bringing your book on shopping outings to help you avoid buying duplicate shades, and using it as a quick resource for choosing colors for nail art designs. The project seems like a great party in the making, right? Shop for supplies, gather some snacks, and invite your friends (and their nail polish collections) over for a swatch book soirée.

Follow Cutepolish here, and read our interview with the nail art guru here.