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Lower Lashes Love!


Shots Studio/

Bottoms up! While the top set may get the most attention, supermodel Twiggy famously changed the beauty game in the 1960s when she modeled lush lower lashes. Now the trend is back in a big way! From drawn on eye liner to faux extensions, check out how these Beauties are highlighting their peepers' underlying fringe.

Marinka J.

Sci-fi stunner! Even with her out-of-this world makeup, Marinka's lower lashes steal the show. She topped her masquerade mask of luminous green face paint with a full sun-burst style lash strip along her waterline. Then, she finished the futuristic look with blue lips and a matching cerulean print on her cheeks—Avatar style!

Michelle O.

Butterfly beauty! Michelle drew a base of smaller lashes with an eye liner pencil, which she extended underneath her double wing. Two extra long individual pieces gave the bottom fringe a 3D pop—just like a butterfly's antennae!

Holly E.

Eat your heart out, Twiggy! Holly replicated the supermodel's iconic doll-like eyes and drew extra thick lower lashes. To stay true to the retro vibe she included a cat eye and graphic crease.