Sleep It Off! Facial Masks You Wear Overnight


Here’s the ultimate in lazy skin care: masks that work overnight while you get your Z’s. While you sleep, your complexion works overtime to repair itself by increasing cell turnover: the perfect time to slather on the treatments (check out our article on what happens to skin during sleep for more info). I’m all about doing next to nothing and waking up prettier, so I checked out some of the most talked-about overnight masks on the market.

Oh, and don’t worry; your pillow won’t be covered in goo. Overnight masks just feel like a slightly thicker moisturizer—no insomnia-inducing hardness or cracking to worry about. In fact, I think I’ll go do some intense cell repairing right now, actually! Zzzzzz.

The Quencher

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask ($24) is a dream come true for parched skin. It contains apricot kernel oil to soften and moisturize, and it smells so good you’ll look forward to slathering it on. My dry skin was in heaven after I woke up!

The Lightweight

Packed with antioxidants and skin-loving natural extracts like seaweed, H20+ Night Oasis Overnight Moisture Lock ($44) is oil-free. It feels like a cooling gel as you apply it, and in the morning, skin feels hydrated but not at all greasy.

The Glow-Giver

Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial ($48) earned a 5-star review from our community for its facial-in-a-jar power. The special blend of brightening agents and antioxidant vitamin C really works! Slather it onto the face and neck after your nightly cleansing ritual—it absorbs so quickly, and in the morning, your complexion will be noticeably brighter and softer. With regular use, you'll see better, glowier skin overall.

The Time Machine

A splurge ($110) that is designed to boost your body’s natural retinol production with its combination of peptides. Mybody's Youth Overnight Anti-Aging Repair Cream contains caffeine for tightening, ceramides, and shea butter—all great for aging skin. And we love the hygienic pump dispenser design!

The Big Guns

Everything about Zelens Stem Complex ($280), including the sleek frosted glass jar, tells you it means business. The product doesn’t actually contain stem cells, but the brand explains the formulation this way: “It protects the niche environment of epidermal stem cells and enhances self-rejuvenation of the skin.” The formula is super velvety and absorbs quickly, and I definitely saw plumper, more radiant skin in the morning.

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