Lisa Loeb On Why She Wears Less Makeup As She Gets Older


You may know her from the hit song "Stay (I Missed You)"—you and your best friend’s go-to karaoke song for the last ten years. Lisa Loeb, the successful singer-songwriter who launched her career in the early ’90s, is now a mother of two, national commercial voice-over pro, eyewear designer, and Hello Kitty aficionado. She also recently released a new pop-punk album, No Fairy Tale, in the spring. But what strikes us the most about this 45-year-old natural beauty is how she’s kept her skin looking flawless, and as if she hasn’t aged a day since she broke out in the music scene wearing her signature cat-eye glasses.

Obviously eager to find out Loeb’s beauty secrets, we caught up with the singer to find out her daily regimen and favorite products. Time to take some notes!

On Skin Care Basics

“I’ve used Yon-Ka products for years—a creamy cleanser, alcohol-free toner, daytime moisturizer, nighttime moisturizer, and the Gommage, a light facial peel you do at home. I also use Yon-Ka's clay masque weekly. A couple times a year, I have facials by Renee Rouleau and use some of her products as well, which are great.”

On Sun Protection

“My skin regimen is daily EltaMD or Renee Rouleau sunscreen with moisturizer on both my face and body,” says Loeb. She also keeps a little bottle of sunscreen in the car “to constantly reapply in this California sun, especially to my hands and arms, which I’m always washing.”

On 7-minute Makeup

Even on her busiest days, Loeb tries to put on some makeup because it transforms how she feels. “It does make a difference in how I feel and how awake I look,” she says. “I wear mascara, a tiny bit of eyeliner on the outside of the upper lid, a little eyebrow definer, a little cover-up under the eyes and on my nose, a little bit of translucent powder, pinkish blush and lip liner, and lipstick or lip gloss. It’s actually pretty minimal and I can put it on in under 7 minutes,” she says. 

On Going-Out Looks

And when the day or night calls for a little more Hollywood glam (say, a red carpet appearance), Loeb steps it up a bit. “I wear more of the usual and then add more liner, bottom lash mascara, and always false eyelashes—either a half band up top or individuals. It really opens up the eyes!” says Loeb. 

On Her Beauty Philosophy

Loeb’s routine centers around a less-is-more ethos. “As I get older, I tend to wear less makeup, which actually looks more youthful,” she says. Perfect for a busy career woman, musician, and mother, too.

A Few More Simple, Essential Tips

“Get enough sleep! Get dressed when you wake up. Moisturize with a sunscreen moisturizer, do some kind of gentle exfoliation weekly, keep your brows well-shaped, and keep up your hair cut and color. Some of these things you can do only once every six weeks or so, and they make a huge difference,” says Loeb.

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