This Liquid Eyeliner Innovation Is Worth A Try


How many of you have struggled with liquid eyeliner application at some point? Me too. It’s definitely a skill you have to work at, and, as they say, practice makes perfect. Over the past year or so, product manufacturers have devised a new type liquid liner—in curved, ergonomic shapes instead of the usual straight pencil or pen—meant to make application easier. The results are exciting, even if the products themselves look like mysterious, comma-shaped pieces of plastic.

When I brought them out recently at home, one friend pretended to puff on it Sherlock Holmes–style, and another pointed it around the room and made pew-pew-pew noises until I uncapped them to reveal familiar felt-tipped liquid liners. Ultimately, I tried versions from three different brands: NYX, Clio, and Sephora. 

All three are marker-esque with a firm but flexible tip, which makes it easier to avoid wonky lines and pigment that "skips." Beauty novices will still need a bit of practice to get the hang of lining eyes with an ergonomic liner, but thanks to the steadier grip, the end goal of mastering a flawless cat eye is far less daunting. To start, you need the right grip. Hold the product with your finger on top of the curve. Start at the inner corner and draw out, staying close to the lash line. To get the cat effect, pull the line up slightly toward the brow when you reach the outer corner. Go over it a few times, thickening the line if you prefer. That's it! 

NYX The Curve

This little number was so ahead of the (you guessed it) curve, it debuted last year. Because it became so popular, other brands took notice. The curved design is comfortable to hold and allows for you to make a perfect swoop in fewer strokes. I also fell in love with the highly-pigmented, patent leather-like finish; it’s the blackest black of the three.

Clio Eyeguard Waterproof Liner

By far, this is the sexiest of the group. The fire-engine-red packaging really stands out in your makeup bag. And what’s even better is the formula actually lives up to the hype—the Korean brand is a cult favorite among makeup artists. It goes on easily, creates a perfect wing, and really stays put. 

Sephora Smart Liner

This one is has a really fine tip that's great for a precise, thin line and has 24-hour staying power. It won’t go anywhere until you want it to! It's virtually smudge-proof. 

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