Paris Hilton's New Travel-Inspired Perfumes


Paris Hilton loves to travel and explore new places and wants every girl to experience it too! Her new collection of "Passport" fragrances takes her favorite scents from beautiful locations and captures them in cute bottles. Each bottle features a different illustration of Ms. Hilton in a different city. The fragrances will also be available in a travel-friendly size, so you can take them with you on your own special adventure.

Passport in Paris, Tokyo, and South Beach are available now in stores and at Passport in St. Moritz will be available in September.

Paris hilton Passport in Paris

"It's as perfect for a shopping spree with my BFF as it is for a romantic evening lit by the glow of the Eiffel Tower," says Paris Hilton of the City of Lights. This flirty perfume contains notes of mandarin, jasmine, and peach.

paris hilton Passport in Tokyo

Italian lemon, frangipani, and musk represent the pulse and energy of Tokyo. "Tokyo is amazing...sparkling, pulsing with energy," says Paris.

paris hilton Passport in South Beach

Notes of white freesia, marigold, and nectarine really do make you feel as if you're basking in the sun on a summer's day. "South Beach is one of my fave hot spots," says Paris. "It's sexy, vibrant, and so much fun. This fragrance is totally bikini-ready!"

paris hilton Passport in St. Moritz

The crisp atmosphere and snow-covered mountains of St. Moritz are represented in this wintry scent by notes of frosted bergamot, pear liqueur, and white peony.

Image courtesy of Parlux

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