Celebrity Beauty Blunders


We’ve all looked through our photo albums and wondered, "What was I thinking?" Sometimes even huge flaws fly under the radar until they're too late to be fixed and the picture has been taken—just check out these celebrity beauty blunders:

A smoky eye is perfect for a variety of different occasions, but Taylor Momsen takes the term "raccoon eyes" to new heights. Avoid this huge mess and keep your black eye liner moderate. 

Beautylish tip: Instead of a black eye liner, try a dark gray for a softer look. 

Snooki may be the queen of bronze, but Christina Aguilera could probably give her a run for her money. A shiny, orange glow is not pretty, and can look dirty. 

Beautylish tip: If you want a lasting bronze, use a gradual self tanner. This way you have more control of how dark the color will go. 

We love Eva Longoria, but even we know something isn't quite right in this picture. Though you may look perfect in the mirror, don't forget that flash photography can have some nasty side effects. 

Beautylish tip:  Take advantage of your phone. Snap a quick pic before heading out to an event with the camera on your phone. Sometimes your camera can pick up on something your eyes can't.