Find Your Face Shape


We taught you how to sculpt your ideal brow shape and choose the best bangs for your face, but do you know how to find your face shape in the first place? Many misdiagnose their facial features, so we're here to teach you an easy way to find out what kind of face you're working with.

Step 1

** PREP**

To find your face shape with this technique, you'll need a dry-erase  marker, a mirror, and your face. You can substitute lipstick or lip liner if you don't have any erasable markers.

Step 2


Stand directly in front of your mirror with your hair pulled back. Stay completely still as you trace an outline of your face with your marker or lipstick.

Step 3


Once you've finished drawing an outline of your face, stand back and take a look at the results. Is the shape oblong or short? Where does your face widen and taper? Use the gray shapes in the chart to cross-reference your shape with common facial structures.


The most common face shape. Your facial features are spaced in even proportion.


Your face shape is similar to an oval shape, but with more length added to the forehead and chin.


Your face is wider than others, with more emphasis on your cheeks and chin.


Your face is slightly more oblong, with a well-defined jaw and hairline.


You have the same chiseled features of a rectangular face, with shorter proportions.


Your narrow forehead widens to a more pronounced jawbone.


Your hairline and chin mark the narrowest points of your face, while your cheekbones are the widest. This dramatic contrast in width creates a diamond shape.


Your widest features are at the top of your face, gradually tapering to a narrow chin.


Your face shape is characterized by a wide forehead and a heart-shaped hairline. Your cheeks widen at the temples, but thin out above the chin.