Pretty Hair Accessories for Autumn


Courtesy of Etsy

Feel like doing something more interesting with your hair, but don't want to try anything as drastic as tie-dyed ends or a new cut? Wearing a cute hair accessory is a super easy way to spice up your hairstyle and adds a fun twist. Not to mention, there are now some products on the market that double as bracelets! Here are our Top 3.

1 Bloom Black Ties

These pretty ties look like chunky bangles when you wear a stack on your wrist, and spice up a ponytail when you wrap them around your hair. Don't worry, the gold chain won't pinch or rip your locks.

2 Goody DoubleWear 2-in-1 Ponytails

Put one on your wrist as a simple bracelet, or wear a whole stack for the effect of an elegant cuff. Once in your hair, the metal bends around a ponytail and looks überchic.

3 Fairest of all Bobby Sliders

Who doesn't love a flower in fall? These pretty, poppy-inspired bobby pins can be attached to anything to give it a flowery twist, but we love how they make soft, pulled-back curls look even lovelier! make pulling back soft curls look even lovelier.

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