All Natural Stress Soothers


Whether you're dealing with a bad day at the office or a full-blown panic attack, alleviating anxiety can often require more than just deep breaths or saying a few oms. But before you seek prescription pills, try a few of nature's best calmers. Check out three organic helpers that instantly soothe stress.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Natural Stress Relief

To decrease anxiety take four drops of this relaxing remedy. Leave on the tip of your tongue, count to 15, then swallow. The liquid is filled with a mix of plant and flower extracts such as clematis, rock rose, cherry plum, and star of Bethlehem, which all help to calm a nupset mind.

2  The Good Home Co. Lavender Hand Lotion

Ever notice that most spas are filled with a lavender fragrance? That's because the soothing ingredient the scent of this flower truly is relaxing. Maybe you can't light an aromatherapy candle at your desk after your boss sends you a nasty email, but you can apply a drop this moisturizing lotion to your hands. Every time you gesture you’ll get a whiff of lavener and feel a little bit calmer.

3  Lather Chamomile Foaming Bath Treatment

Chamomile is classically used to soothe aching muscles, an upset stomach, and even insomnia. Fix all those woes at the same time with this bubble bath must-have. Once a week, tune out the world (this includes the cell phone, TV, and computer) and treat yourself to a solo soak. It may be an age-old trick, but when done right it really works!

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