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How a Victoria's Secret Supermodel Preps for the Fashion Show


Doutzen Kroes will take your breath away—literally. The stunning model is tall and thin, and has legs for days. She has appeared on countless magazine covers, has walked numerous runways, and knows what it’s like to show off your body to millions of people around the world. She's also a new mom, and even though there have been plenty of late nights and lots of hard work, she looks incredible. We sat down with the model to talk about how she bounced back after having a baby, how she prepares for a Victoria's Secret show (it takes place tonight at the Armory in New York City but won’t air on CBS until November 29 at 10 p.m./ 9 p.m. Central), and what her skin care routine involves.

"I always start working out extra hard about two months before a Victoria's Secret show," says Doutzen. "And a month beforehand I cut out all bread and sugar. I also like to do a juice cleanse even though it's hard—you really miss the chewing sensation! I'm a very disciplined person, so I can do these things." (Just for the record, Doutzen ate a bagel and some bacon just before our interview, so we don't feel so bad about our diet). "Oh! And I give myself a clay mask every week," she says. "I use this one from Holland that you can also drink, but I can't remember the name. And in New York, I love to get a facial at Soho Sanctuary." The supermodel looks incredible after giving birth to her baby, and credits her gorgeous figure to having a good workout routine before she became pregnant. "I didn't do anything extra after I had the baby. I just continued to do what I was doing before. I used to be a speed skater and run track, so I've always been active," she says. We can’t wait to see her strut her stuff as an angel!