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Balenciaga Hair, Paris Fashion Week S/S 2012


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Although the benches collapsed at the Balenciaga show forcing the entire audience to stand, it gave editors a better view of the hair! Hairstylist Guido created two different looks for the space-age inspired show. “The collections at Balenciaga are always very elaborate so we worked on a very easy hairstyle," said Guido. "What’s cool about it is we’re creating a new type of texture, it’s not quite as rich as 'beachy waves' although similar—it’s really a bit tougher in texture. It’s as if the girl hasn’t bothered with her hair but is wearing the most amazing, designed clothes. We also cut fringe on about six girls for the show which looked super cool with the clothes.”

  1. On damp hair, Guido applied Redken Guts 10 Root Targeted Volume Spray Foam and rough-dried about 80% of the hair. He let the rest dry naturally to bring out the natural texture and movement.

  2. Guido created a left side part on about six models and cut fringe on an angle covering the right eye.

  3. On the remaining models, Guido created a messy center part.

  4. He finished by running a small amount of Redken All Soft Argan-6 Multi-Care Oil though the hair to remove any frizz.

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