Your Fall Fragrance Wardrobe


A new season calls for a new scent, and this fall there are some gorgeous new ones to try. The mood is deeper and a little more mysterious with luxurious fragrances from top fashion houses. Although they're pricey, these are perfumes that need only one spray to get you through the day, so they'll last longer than normal. With notes such as violet and the smokier scent of patchouli (imagine an outdoor wood fire in the '70s) as the top players, you'll want to add a dash of red lipstick and dark eyes to your daily look. So leave those fruity florals for the summer months, and embrace a deeper, more sophisticated smell for fall. And remember, you can always ask for a sample before you buy!

1 Balenciaga Paris L'Essence

This perfume smells a lot like the first fragrance from the house, but has a woodier, more masculine base. Notes of violet and cedar wood give it an outdoorsy feel while still being soft and pretty enough to smell feminine and delicate. It’s like a classic, camel-coloured trench coat. Tie it at the back and pair it with a floral dress to feel like a lady, or knot it at the front with leather leggings for a masculine look.

2 Violet Blonde by Tom Ford

Just like all of Tom Ford's scents, this could almost be unisex. However, the strong undercurrent of violet—imagine a whole field of the flowers outside on a warm day—keeps the perfume flower but with a backbone. A dash of patchouli adds a musky base. Think of this as that black jersey wrap-dress you wear with tall suede boots and makes you feel like a sophisticated, sexy woman.

3 Bottega Veneta

This is the most flowery of the scents listed here, but it still has some deeper flavors to keep it smelling like fall. It’s like that dusty rose cashmere sweater you slip on with jeans for stroll through the park. You’re still feminine, but cozy and warm. A hint of jasmine brings to mind an evening escapade, and notes of leather, oak moss, and lily of the valley keep it deep and musky.

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