Age-Old Beauty Remedies


image courtesy of pinterest

Beauties, did your grandma ever tell you that beeswax, honey, and body powder can help fix your skin problems? Some regular supermarket items and old-fashioned beauty remedies actually work!

1. Lemons

Mix lemon juice and water together and apply it to your hair. The mixture is as a natural highlighter that can make your locks blonder.

2. Baby Powder

Use baby powder instead of dry shampoo. It works just as well and costs half the price.

3. Oranges

Use an orange to slough off dead skin on your knees and elbows. Juice half an orange and mix with two teaspoons of raw sugar. Rub the orange half on your skin, then follow up by scrubbing with the sugar mixture.

4. Peppermint Tea

This is a great astringent. Make some tea and let it cool. Then soak a wash cloth in the mixture and let it sit on your face.

5. Safflower Oil

If you're out of eye makeup remover, use this non-allergenic oil.