Rebecca Minkoff Beauty, New York Fashion Week S/S 2012


Rebecca Minkoff


TRESemmé stylist Jeanie Syfu took inspiration from Diane Keaton's role in Manhattan when crafting the hair at Rebecca Minkoff's spring show. It's a faux-yet-flattened perm that's been brushed out.

  1. Prep hair with TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray, then divide the hair into four sections.

  2. Take each section and tightly twist the hair to make four corkscrews. Secure the twists with elastics.

  3. After fastening the corkcrews, diffuse hair with a blow dryer under high heat for 20 minutes.

  4. Once hair is cooled down, release the elastics and brush hair with a smoothing paddle brush for a gorgeous "permed" effect.


Nails conveyed the same fun and festive patterning as the clothes in the collection, so the Haven Spa SoHo team created a sugary sweet candy-striped look. Nails were first coated in two layers of Essie Nail Polish in Below the Belt, a bright creamy white. Manicurists then painted two coats of vertical pink stripes with a thin brush, using Essie Nail Polish in Forget Me Nots.

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