Naughty or Nice Beauty Checklist

For the holidays, we're revisiting some of our favorite festive articles from the Beautylish archive. Enjoy!
From the Archive

Time's up! December is wrapping up, and it's been quite a year for makeup, skin care, fragrance, hair, and nails. You've probably tried tons of products, learned lots of tricks, and watched hundreds of how-tos (on Beautylish, no doubt). But after 365 days to establish a perfect beauty routine, were you an exemplary citizen of the beauty brigade 24-7? Check this list (then check it twice!) to see if you were naughty or nice this season.

NAUGHTY: You haven't washed your brushes.

We can't seem to repeat this enough—makeup brushes are bacteria traps! Two lumps of coal for you if can't remember the last time you washed them.

NICE: You mastered a difficult technique.

You've spent hours on Beautylish watching and practicing tutorials, and it finally paid off this year. When 2014 comes, you’ll be ready to show off your new-found beauty expertise.

NAUGHTY: You forgot to floss.

Gross! Flossing removes trapped debris that the toothbrush will never reach. Keep a spare pack in your purse and on your bedside table for last-minute cleanings.

NICE: You stepped out of your comfort zone.

Did you try a bold lip color? Overcome your liquid liner phobia? We applaud the 2013 beauty risk-takers, and the North Pole approves.

NAUGHTY: You forgot to wash your face—again.

We understand those occasional late nights when you accidentally fall asleep with your makeup on. But a lazy skin care routine? Unacceptable. Invest in cleansing wipes so you won’t have any excuses!

NICE: You gave someone a compliment.

In a world full of negativity, a compliment can brighten someone's day. If you've ever praised a makeup look, hairstyle, or scent, we're setting out a big plate of Christmas cookies just for you.

This article was originally published on December 24, 2011