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Spotlight On: Disney Prom's Yin Chang


Beautylish catches up with actress Yin Chang, star of the new Disney movie, Prom in her new home base, Los Angeles. How is this Gossip Girl alum (she played the manipulative brainiac Nelly Yuki) adjusting to Hollywood life and what is her advice for prom-goers this year?

Q & A Yin Chang

Q: You grew up in New York City but now live in Los Angeles. How is the style different in these cities?

The daily styles here in L.A. are a lot more laid back and summery. In New York, you have every kind of style, from chic to edgy, we have it all! Depending on which areas you hang out, the makeup in New York is much edgier too.

Q: What are your favorite beauty products?

My favorite eyeliner is the Maybelline Line Stylist in Onyx. I’m also a big fan of Urban Decay eye shadow, I have the black one called “Oil Slick”.  For a very light foundation, I highly recommend Bare Minerals—I generally only apply it around my nose for a natural look. 

Q: How has your beauty routine changed since you've been working with professional hairstylists and makeup artists?

I absolutely love my hairstylist and makeup artist. They are beyond amazing! That being said, I could never recreate their work even if I tried to learn a few tricks. The only thing that’s really changed since working with professional hair stylists and makeup artists is that now I make sure that I really wash off all my makeup with a good cleanser like Cetaphil. To remove any extra makeup, I use a toner like witch hazel. Now I also try to remember to moisturizer my skin and put conditioner in my hair.

Q: In Disney's Prom, your character—Mei Kwan— had a very natural look. What was the getting ready process like on set?

We didn’t have much of a process for my look. They wanted to keep us as natural as possible and basic. So we would stick with very thin eyeliner and foundation. My makeup artist for the movie did use some blush for a rosy, youthful look.  My hair was very simple as well—my hairstylist would just blow dry my hair straight and use a flat iron after. 

Q: What was your own prom experience like? Do you have any regrets from that night?

My own prom wasn't too memorable—it definitely was nothing compared to the prom in the movie, but it still had its moments. I wore a floor-length dress that I made. It was turquoise and made out of silk and chiffon with a sweetheart neckline. I remember getting my hair done at a salon with a few of my girlfriends. Then we all went back to one of my close friends' house and finished getting ready there. We put on our dresses and applied our makeup—some of us did each other's makeup. I can't really remember if I did my own or if one of my friends did it for me. But if I could turn back time, I would get up on that dance floor, let loose and really live in the moment—even if I dance like a fool!

Q: What advice do you have for prom-goers this year?

Have fun! It's your night! Let everything go and live in the moment.

Images courtesy of fandango and imdb

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