A Sweet Tooth For Kandee Johnson


With her positive attitude and gorgeous smile, YouTube guru Kandee Johnson may seem like she has the perfect life. But during Kandee's Q &A at IMATS in Los Angeles, this popular guru opened up and explained her own struggles with balancing her life as a makeup artist, YouTuber, and mother of four. For the audience who waited in line to hear Kandee's words of wisdom, Kandee became even more of an inspiration with her touching seminar.

According to Kandee, you must love your job if you want to make it in the beauty industry. Before she was ever a makeup artist, Kandee was a hairstylist who didn't completely love her work. That's when she realized that makeup was her true passion. Starting out as an apprentice for another artist, she worked her way up in the beauty scene, discovered YouTube, and the rest is history.

Kandee says that her favorite part about being a makeup artist is making someone beautiful. She explained that her favorite clients are not the actresses she has worked with, but the everyday women who probably never thought they could be so beautiful.

Kandee Johnson has become a lifeline to those who connect with Kandee’s spirit and high-energy personality. She even had a few wise words for her audience.

Kandee's life advice

  • Don’t get discouraged There are plenty of people out there trying to bring you down, but just keep going. Ignore the haters, especially on YouTube.
  • Think creatively It’s always great to think differently and branch out. If you make videos, try thinking of fun and exciting titles for your videos.
  • Keep studying There is always something new to learn. Pick up art and makeup books (Kandee loves Kevyn Aucoin's and Scott Barnes'). Learn the facial structure, practice shading and blending, and use your own face to practice.
  • Have a good attitude No one wants to work with an unfriendly person. Even if someone is horrible to you, be kind in return, especially when you're on the job.

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