Why We Love Yogurt


Ever wonder why so many dietitians and nutritionists tout how wonderful yogurt is for you? This superfood is not only good for your insides, but can also be applied to your body! DIY masks for hair and face, a natural remedy for sunburn...yogurt can do it all! We spoke with Kathy Kaehler, a Los-Angeles based celebrity food coach and author of Mom Energy, to get some more info about this delicious dairy product.

Yogurt, a living culture made from milk, is extremely high in protein, calcium, and vitamins. “The protein makes you feel fuller and stops sugar cravings," says Kathy. "Yogurt is also great for building up your immune system, keeping your weight in check, and ensuring you get enough calcium.” And Greek yogurt isn't just good for breakfast—you can also use it as a dressing or make a yummy dip, like tzatziki. "I enjoy my yogurt every morning with fresh fruit and nuts," says Kathy. "I don’t add granola unless I make it myself, as there’s too much sugar in the kind you buy from the grocery store."

The most important thing to keep in mind is which brand of yogurt to buy, and with so many choices on the market it can be a tough decision. "Anything that contains added sugar or preservatives is basically junk food," says Kathy. "You might as well think of it as a treat, and definitely don't apply it to your skin! The best yogurt is plain Greek yogurt, and with a cup a day you'll get all the benefits you need."

But what about applying it to your body? "Milk is a natural moisturizer that is great for the relief of eczema and other skin irritations, and since yogurt is made from milk, it's also good as a mask on problematic areas," says Kathy. You can also include yogurt in DIY hair and face masks, and apply it as a cooling aid for sunburn. All in all, we know what we'll be adding to the grocery list this week!