The Best Brush Storage for Your Personality


When you’re at a loss for brush storage solutions, it’s easy to grab a glass from your pantry and call it a day. But your makeup collection needs to have a little personality sitting atop your vanity, and so should the canisters and containers that hold your precious tools. Keep these ideas in mind the next time you’re craving a tabletop makeover.


Beakers aren’t just for chemical experiments anymore. A wide lip and a load of different sizes make scientific glass containers an ideal option for those who consider their vanity a makeshift beauty laboratory (and full disclosure: they’re what we use and love). Shop this scientific glassware online or at a university bookstore.


Cute to boot, easy to obtain, and multipurpose in every way, mason jars are one of our favorite makeshift brush holders. Available at practically every craft store (and in bulk!), the embossed containers can be spray painted gold for an extra luxe touch.


A makeup artist’s tools are just as important as a painter’s pigment-splashed brushes. To mirror the artistry of your technique, place your bristles in ceramic cups and pottery. You can easily find an inexpensive set at your local Japantown (they serve double-duty as tea cups as well!), or create a custom-colored cup at a paint-your-own-pottery venue.


If simplicity is core to your identity, go slick and shiny with an austere acrylic canister. Turn to Japanese minimalist brand MUJI, whose popular clear acrylic trays are the epitome of simplicity in makeup design. Their translucent acrylic pot lets you see through to your brush handles like glass, but its lightweight feel is easier to handle.