Rebel Routine: Rock 'N' Roll Beauty Can Work For You


Rock ‘n’ Roll is here to stay. Proclaimed over the radio in the late '50s, this statement bore more truth than anyone could have anticipated, for here we are in 2012 and not only have we accepted rock into our (iTunes) record collections, it has even made its way into our fashion and beauty routines. Who would have thought that one day we would be seeing rebel pompadours, bad gal eye liner, and punk-rock primping on the glossy pages of Vogue?

It’s true, not everyone today can consider themselves hard rockers. The closest many of us have gotten to a mosh pit is fighting our way onto a crowded subway on the way to our nine to five, and the only shredding we’ve done is in the kitchen. Come to think of it, maybe some of us could benefit from a little of the ol’ rock ‘n’ roll?

Whether you’re feeling rebellious or looking to add a little edge, taking a clue from rock history may be just what you need to bring out your inner badass. Twist, shout, work it out, and check our tips below.


The rock world has delivered some of the fiercest eye makeup to date. The punk movement brought with it new, amped-up approaches to eye liner—from way out wings to creative eye-centric artistry. Take a clue from Soo Catwoman or Nina Hagen and try a statement winged eye. Paired with sculpted rainbow hairstyles, piercings, and shredded garments, the look is over-the-top insane on these liner pioneers. Not to worry, a heavy winged look can look sleek and modern under groomed brows and slicked with a nude lip. Try extra long wings, or fatten the line—shading your lid just as dark to match. Or how about brightening up with a colored liquid liner? Layer a thin line of color along your black cat eye for a pretty punk pop.


The '70s and '80s brought a heavy dose of cheeky looks bold enough to make us blush. Grace Jones’ razor-sharp red cheekbones flushed out any notion of a non-rouged face being in. Similarly, Bowie's space-age bone structure looked out of this world powdered and painted in star man reds, oranges, and golds. Contouring may be best saved for the drag club, but an electrifying flush can look unexpected and fresh when done right. Try keeping blush the focal point of your look by sweeping a warm crimson or berry hue over your cheeks and temples. Penciling in your brows will make them look clean and bold against a ruddy rouge. Finish with a clear gloss and get your glam on.


The new romantic and Goth movements of the '80s gave us dark music, bad hair, and makeup inspiration for days. And who could forget the lipstick! Sharply lined wine and black lips created a rocker pout to scream about. Siouxie Sioux worked a pointed deep red lip onstage night after night, which looked morbidly magnificent paired with harsh brows, full lid shadow, and high hair. Similarly, new wave icon Klaus Nomi made a sharply pursed black lip his signature, letting it stand out against his powdery complexion and alien haircut. Even though these spooky lips helped craft an onstage persona, they can still look good outside the nightclub. Pair a striking wine lip with a smoky eye. The striking lip lines will look chic against the smudged lid liner. Want to go bolder but not ready for a total blackout? Try a dark brown lip like OCC’s newest shade Sybil, or Armour Beauty’s gloss in Grace—named after our patron saint of cheeks.

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