Temporary Tattoos–For Your Eyes?


The concept of instant glitter eyes sounds like something straight out of The Jetsons, so of course I was excited by the release of Violent Eyes by the makers of Violent Lips. The product itself, a sort of soak-on temporary tattoo in liquid liner form, reminded me of the tattoos I used to grab from the candy machines at the laundromat. They come in six solid shades of glitter and one rainbow striped effect. Each pack contains four different eye liner styles.

It’s safe to say that I am an eye liner whiz, so I was a little a skeptical as to whether these pre-drawn cat eyes would measure up. Truth be told, they could stand to measure down a bit. I cut my wings to the smallest suggested size and found they were still too long! The previously upturned shape sagged on my down-turned lids, making me look sleepy and sad—and that’s no way to behave when wearing glitter! On the second try, I ignored the scissor lines and cut the strips thinner and shorter to suit my unique lids, which gave me better results. The application itself was a little precarious—I even flubbed on one, accidentally adhering it to the protective plastic sheet. Good thing they provide two pairs of each style or I’d be without a wing!

Getting the two eye decals to look symmetrical was difficult as well, and I ended up with my left side pointing higher than my right. Maybe I just need more practice? In the end, I like the idea of temporary tattoo makeup for both the effect and the easy peel-away clean up. However, I look forward more to what’s next in the world of Violent Eyes. Glitter eye liner is something I can pull together with a couple paint pots and a jar of loose shimmer, but if leopard and polka-dotted eye designs to match their innovative lip tattoos are in the future, you can bet I’ll be rocking a pattern-perfect look every night.

Violent Eyes, $9.99/8-pack, available now at salons, specialty boutiques, and online at violentlips.com