Halloween How-To: The Best Way to Age Your Face


WITCH MAKEUP PART 2: Aging the Skin

LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced
TIME: 1.5 to 2 hours

There's much more to a witch's look than a wash of green paint and a black-brimmed hat. If you're really going for the full effect, the high-flying icon of Halloween lore wouldn't be complete without a ruddy, wrinkled complexion to match her crookedly grotesque nose. Considering the spell-binding character is so makeup intensive, our witchy how-to spans two sections. In part one of our witch makeup tutorial, special effects makeup artist Kat Lieberkind perfected the art of the prosthetic nose. Watch part two above as Kat shares her tried-and true aging techniques for even the oldest of hags. Skip to 1:10 and see exactly how eye wrinkles work, and watch what Kat does with a toothbrush at 4:00!