A Few Drops of This Can Save Dry Skin!


I’ve recently noticed the extent of my oil addiction. These days, cleansing oil, eye balm, shamp-oil (this exists), lip salve, and aromatherapy blends stock the majority of my bathroom shelves, with a handful of facial oils thrown into the mix.

If you haven’t realized the power of oil-based skin care, welcome. The oil-begets-oil myth runs rampant, but I’m here to tell you that filler-free lubricators give dry and sensitive skin a stronger boost of hydration, and in some cases even help regulate sebum production. As the temperature drops, I always rely on my apothecary of essentials, and I’m happy to see another nourishing addition to Fresh’s Seaberry line to add to the mix.

Ever since Fresh launched their Restorative Body Cream last year, we’ve been hooked on sea buckthorn (or seaberry). Native to Eastern Europe and Asia and rich in every omega you can imagine, the berry’s extract was historically used to treat medical ailments. Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman first encountered seaberry in Eastern Siberia, where a doctor miraculously healed his childhood burn with an orange salve made from the stuff.

In this case, Fresh pairs their hero ingredient with a blend of my absolute favorites: cranberry seed, grape seed, camellia, and sweet almond oil. The texture is thick like honeyed amber and glides onto the skin like silk. The morning's plumping, brightening benefits outweigh the heft.

The beautifully packaged formula is a pleasure to work with, and if sea buckthorn can survive a Siberian winter, it’s good enough for my complexion.

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil, $50, available online and in stores at Sephora