Squeaky Clean: An Editor’s Obsession with Perfect Feet


Fact: I can’t go to bed with dirty feet. Nor can I go a week without ensuring that they’ve been scrubbed, clipped, moisturized and buffed to perfection. I’m not sure what it is (I am a pisces), but the thought of having less than baby-soft, squeaky clean tootsies gives me a shudder. There’s nothing worse than cracked heels, and I sigh heavily whenever I spot someone on the street with heel crevices the size of a crater. Luckily, as a beauty editor, I have more lotions, scrubs, and callus treatments than even I need sometimes. These are the products I use to achieve pedi perfection.

Butter London ‘Mucky Pups’

Ever since I first swiped one of these across my toes, I can’t live without them. No matter how late it is, my feet get a thorough wipe before hitting the hay. The soft, foamy and sweet-smelling disposable cloths make clean, soft feet super simple.

Lush Volcano Deodorizing Foot Mask

Feel your calluses growing before your eyes after a long day on your feet? Ingredients such as papaya, lemon, tomatoes, potatoes, and kaolin (a clay mineral) in this mask naturally moisturize and condition your feet, while anti-fungal essential oils ensure they won’t smell.

Deborah Lippmann Steppin’ Out Nourishing Foot Cream

Slather on this thick, marshmallow-scented moisturizer and you’ll feel like a princess. Aloe vera, olive oil, and kokum butter deeply hydrate dry and tired toes, and açai berry extracts deliver antioxidants.

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