Volcano Foot Mask

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Tabby C.
Great foot scrub for those times when you don't have a sandy beach nearby!

This is lovely! I use it in the summer when I don't have a beach to walk barefoot on! It is slightly grainy and is best used in the bath. You need to work it in before you put your foot in the water and push the granuels into the skin to effectively remove everything or the product wont rub in properly. I'm a huge fan of the Lush range and this pot actually last forever as well!

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Erica W.
Messy, but Cool Idea

I work on my feet anywhere from 10-12 hours daily. I pamper my feet when I get home. I purchased this product along with the Fair Trade Foot lotion (which I LOVE). I found this product not very easy to use, the mixture does not spread easily and the product dries out very quickly in the tub. The sensation it gives feels refreshing but honestly, I never saw a difference in the smoothness of my feet.

I recommend purchasing the Lush foot cream instead!

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Sinead B.
Fun and Effective.

A lovely thick clove smelling foot mask that really warms up your cockles. Slather on this mask and wrap the feet in clingfilm for as long as you like; whilst doing the ironing, watching a film or nattering on the phone then just rub in and wash off! A really simple and effective treatment that leaves feet really soft and refreshed. This is quite an expensive product but is a great treat once in a while (Stepping Stone is good to use inbetween treatments as it's much cheaper but less effective) also the 5 pots = free facemask is a great incentive to reach the end of your pot. Great quality fresh ingredients that come from renewable sources so all of the pampering and none of the guilt.

it's ok. has a thickish clay texture, and feels really nice on feet! difficult to apply, since it dries so quickly. scent of the mask is pretty strong, but warm and clean feeling, probably the cinnamon oil. I wrapped my feet up and just hung out with it on for a while, then washed it off. I didn't see much of a difference honestly, but it was a treat.

Ashley A.

This did nothing for me. And the smell is horrible. It is just like a face mask but for your feet, which i find useless because i do not have any ane on my feet. Also this is sooo messy, you have to put it on your feet and then put clear wrap around your feet but i still have stains on my floor from in and it takes a while to remove. I also find that it leaves my feet very chalky and less smooth.