Touchy-Feely: New Tactile Nail Textures to Explore


Rhinestones, baubles, and crackle finishes have long-covered nail beds, but this year’s caviar nail trend has launched a desire for tips that not only look cool, they feel even cooler! See how more textures and finishes—straight from the Beautylish community—attempt to explore nail art’s new sense of touch.


Michelle C.

Can you believe Michelle used a toothpick to string together this rainbow manicure? The texture is more Pollock than perfect, but we dig the craggy surface just the same. Michelle’s nail tutorial shows you how to achieve the look on your own.


Allison S.

Fuzzy wuzzy was a....nail? Allison gives her manicure experiments a humorous, Muppet-approved makeover with finely woven neon fluff. We probably wouldn’t stop stroking our digits!


Natalie C.

The contrast of Natalie’s rubberized, glitter drips really caught our attention against her matte black manicure. Who says one effect is all you need?