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Three Steps to Bigger Eyes


Wish you had eyes like Bambi? Celebrity (and star of hit TV show The New Girl) Zooey Deschanel does, and we’re dying to recreate the doe-eyed look. For some tips on how to recreate bigger than big peepers (and to help Beauties with smaller eyes), we spoke with Zooey’s makeup artist Jorjee Douglass for her top eye-brightening tips.

Jorjee's Tips

1. Darken the Lash Line

For a work appropriate eye enhancement, try lining the outer root of your upper and lower lashes with a liquid liner or pencil. Stick with a dark brown shade for a lighter skin tone, but opt for black on a darker complexion. Darkening the lash line creates more of an emphasis on the outline of your eye shape, which optically makes it appear larger. "Start by applying light strokes over the outer lash line, stopping three quarters in on both the bottom and the top of lashes,” says Jorjee.

2. Curl Your Lashes

It's an age old trick, but curling your lashes helps to open up your eyes and will instantly make you feel more awake. For an even better curl, blast your curler with hot air from your blow-dryer—just be sure to wait a few minutes so the curler isn’t piping hot—you don’t want to burn off your lashes!

3. Use a highlighter pencil

While we love the effect of a crisp white eye liner, a champagne highlighter pencil opens up the eyes in a more subtle way. Line your lower lash line with the pencil, then use it to highlight underneath the arch of your brow.