Beauty Product Reviews


Oh My Days

This is a Fairy God Mother of all beauty products for Imperfections "on a budget"

I bought this a few weeks back and it now comes with me everywhere I go,

It works on the most horrible stubborn Zits known, I had the most worst break out last month and with with "Poof-be-gone" they did go 'POOF'

Hope this Helps

Much Love Katie xx

Amazing Quality

Benefit Brows a go go.......So this is an obsessive department for me "BROWS" :/ Now it took me about 7-8 months to find a decent Brow pallet for a reasonable price, It has everything in here from tweezers to brow highlight

Perfect all round score for me, Would recommend this to everyone I come across, BUT a HUGE disclaimer DO NOT BUY FROM EBAY &/OR AMAZON unless you can guarantee a GENUINE PRODUCT

It's ok for what you pay

Don't get me wrong it's a good pallet but there are better ones out there......soft pigments i agree but like i said if you can afford the extra few bucks get the better brand :D