Benefit Cosmetics

Brows A-Go-Go


Dora C.

I ordered from this product last week from ebay. I love it, very good quality. And the mini tweezer is so adorable :) I didnt try it but can be really handy :)

Aley S.

This kit is perfect! It has everything you need to get amazing brows, even mini tweezers! I keep mine in my purse so I always have it when I need it :)

Katie B.

Amazing Quality

Benefit Brows a go go.......So this is an obsessive department for me "BROWS" :/ Now it took me about 7-8 months to find a decent Brow pallet for a reasonable price, It has everything in here from tweezers to brow highlight

Perfect all round score for me, Would recommend this to everyone I come across, BUT a HUGE disclaimer DO NOT BUY FROM EBAY &/OR AMAZON unless you can guarantee a GENUINE PRODUCT

Nicki N.
Before this

Before I got this little kit I never would have thought about filling in my brows. I got it for about $15 at SDM which is a complete steal for a benefit product, in my opinion. I use the darker brown shade and set it with the wax and it makes my brows look a lot more defined.

Harding K.
Needs effort!!

Great quality, you have to be a bit of a perfectionist with this product. It can be a little annoying to get it right but when you do it does look good. Patience is a virtue with this one. I tend to use only for big nights out. It would drive me mad to use it everyday..

Leila J.
Pretty good, nothing special

I am obsessed with my eyebrows, and while I do think this product is great for taming your eyebrows while filling in with color (the brow tint is waxy), I think there are so many other things on the market that are cheaper and just as good. All you really need is a matte brown eyeshadow and brow brush and some clear mascara. I think you pay for the packaging when you buy this product. It's cute... The highlighter is OK.