Beauty Product Reviews

I have Mega, Amber Russe, & Resort

& it is my favorite lip color from MAC! Well, that and Myth! Mega is a very beautiful shade of lavender and goes on smooth! Long lasting if worn over a lipstick! It is discontinued though. What a pity! Hey, MAC bring Mega back! Please!

Wow Wow Wow! I couldn't believe how smooth this applied and how easy it was to blend. The color and finish is beautiful! I'm gonna be using this as a base for an Alice Cullen look tomorrow on my YouTube!

This was my first MAC eye shadow and I gotta say: It's great! Well pigmented and if you use it right, easily blend-able! I actually have a tutorial using this color on my YouTube!

What Can I say about this cleanser?

Only that it's the ONLY one I would ever use! YES, that amazing! It works well and quickly! Which is what I need! I would only change the way you get it out of the bottle. Comes out a bit fast. But, I do recommend!