Donna T.
I love this!

I have a couple of these in none of the colors that were listed for me to choose from. I really like these! I feel like they're pretty much just some regular MAC lip gloss in a new tube, but I do feel like it moisturizes a bit more than their normal lip glosses do.

Michelle H.
I have Mega, Amber Russe, & Resort

& it is my favorite lip color from MAC! Well, that and Myth! Mega is a very beautiful shade of lavender and goes on smooth! Long lasting if worn over a lipstick! It is discontinued though. What a pity! Hey, MAC bring Mega back! Please!

Shannon M.

These are my favorite lip gloss products from MAC. They are not super sticky like lip glasses and are very moisturizing. I am not a huge fan of the super glittery ones though but the other finishes are awesome. I wish they came in more colors!!

Aina Marie M.
Lovely, smooth texture!

I'm a lipgloss junkie, and the Lipgelees from M.A.C are some of my favorites. The colors are delectable and they're just really wearable for any occasion. I highly recommend these! =)

Julia N.
Good price, bad colors.

I got this in a limited edition shade a year ago and it is the frostiest thing I have ever owned! It's pretty but makes me look like I'm trying too hard, so I don't wear it unless I'm not wearing eye makeup. The pricing is great compared to other MAC lip glosses, but there are typically only 4 or 5 colors available year round. They're pretty sticky and I just don't think they're worth it.