Beauty Product Reviews

Forget looking like you slept for 20 min

When I wake up in the morning I look like someone just hit me with a truck. If you don't look like that you are the lucky ones. I have this problem when I wake up for the first 3 hours I have bags under my eyes that will not go away. My solution really is prep + prime vibrancy eye. It instantly makes my eyes look brighter and alert and I always use it under my of the first things I put on after I wash my face and tone/moisturize. Seriously you will love it and you won't need as much concealer under your eyes. Trust me!

Perfect primer

I use indianwood because it's a nice light contrast to my skin tone. it's slightly lighter but it makes for a good undertone highlight on my eye lids. I love wearing amber lights eyeshadow on top because it just makes my eyes pop!

Works for every skin tone

I'm a pretty dark girl so finding a makeup brand/product that looks on skin the same way it looks in the package is hard to come by. I don't care if MAC was 30 bucks for eyeshadow because I would still buy it. It's amazingly pigmented and it looks great on every skin tone. If you haven't already splurged a little on MAC close your eyes and do it. You won't be disappointed

A Must-Have!

I have combination-oily skin and I must say that this is probably one of the best products I have in my bathroom! Every day and night after I wash my face I use this toner and while people might think because it has alcohol it will be bad for your face it isn't! It keeps my skin moisturized but not oily and it helps me control my breakouts. Honestly if you have combination/oily skin you really need this as part of your skincare regimen. Love it <3

Love at first wear

So I'm always skeptical about foundation because I have the curse of oil face, but this works AMAZING! Living in a very humid place is not a good place for foundation so most people don't even wear it here but this one works amazing. It keeps my face from looking ridiculous shiny and it even helped clear my acne. My face is pretty much flawless now! So...all I can say is freaking amazing and it was only 10 bucks. I've been using MAC Studo fix foundation for years and I never realized how badly it was making me break out until I stopped.

Oil Faces Beware

So I've always had problems with foundations breaking me out and MAC doesn't differ. Everyones faces react in a different way to different products and my body just wasn't liking the MAC Studiox Fix Fluid Foundation. It's very heavy and oily and living in Hawaii doesn't make it better. I wouldn't recommend it for humid places because water droplets will literally sit on your face like you just went to the sauna. It doesn't give your face the ability to breathe and by halfway of the day it looks like someone took baby oil and just smeared it on your face. Oil clotting wipes became my best friend for a I just decided that it wasn't worth it. My face was breaking out like crazy and I looked like a pizza faze.