Studio Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15


Ashley L.
Full coverage

At the time I've purshaded this product I wanted something matte and really full coverage but after took some pics I looked YELLOW-ISH and it created a mask effect ...

TheMakeupExpress s.
Oil Faces Beware

So I've always had problems with foundations breaking me out and MAC doesn't differ. Everyones faces react in a different way to different products and my body just wasn't liking the MAC Studiox Fix Fluid Foundation. It's very heavy and oily and living in Hawaii doesn't make it better. I wouldn't recommend it for humid places because water droplets will literally sit on your face like you just went to the sauna. It doesn't give your face the ability to breathe and by halfway of the day it looks like someone took baby oil and just smeared it on your face. Oil clotting wipes became my best friend for a I just decided that it wasn't worth it. My face was breaking out like crazy and I looked like a pizza faze.