Beauty Product Reviews

When you hear of matte lip stains you automatically imagine your lips dried out in a short time, right? I love red lips but when it comes to wear it out, it can be a pain. You can't enjoy your drink or dinner without worrying about your lipstick or lip stain staying in place. As my first matte lip stain I was excited to try it out and see how it works for my extremely flaky lips. Of course the first steps you want to do are exfoliating your lips and put some balm on to smooth them, after 10-20 min wipe the balm away and put on the stain. For a natural tint use a light hand, for bold lips two or three coats is enough. You will notice the peppermint taste and smell which keeps your lips cooled, especially if you have irritated or inflamed lips. I checked my lips every 30 min and they always seemed to look great, after wearing it almost all day I kind of couldn't believe that my lips didn't dry out. I asked myself why? Was it the peppermint scents or maybe the wax texture that made it so smooth? I checked out some pages and find out that Tarte's LipSurgence technology absorbs into your skin to deliever a surge of moisture on a cellular level, while boosting peptides to stimulate skin's own regenerative system and assist in the formation of collagen. (Source: Sephora)

Wow, I know!

It contains vitamins A & E, coconut extract and peppermint oil. The packaging is pretty and sturdy, no need for a sharpener, no animal testing, synthetic dy free, parben free, phthalate free, sodium lauryl sulfate free, synthetic fragrance free. Although an amazing product I would recommend to everybody!


When I first got my UD primer in Eden I was super excited to try it out 'cause it was the first primer to try. I have this primer for almost a year, a little goes a looong way, it conceals any redness on your eyelids or veins, it makes your eyeshadows pop and lasts forever! I have normal to oily eyelids and Im in love with this primer, I don't know how it would work on dry eyelids 'cause UD in Eden is a ''dry'' product, it maybe would dry out your lids even more. I call this primer my BFF! I would use it again and again and again.

8 from 10 points!

I own 2 costume palettes, each one contains 15 colors of neutral and bolds, mattes and shimmers. I really like the quality of the eyeshadows, the color payoff is pretty amazing and they are long-lasting. There are only two colors I don't like from the metallic shimmer selection, they are a bit chalky and hard to work with but the rest of them are great, especially WS16 which I use as my brow bone highlighter every day! I wish there will be more color selection in the future!

Amazingly pigmented for less!

I am a huge fan of Sleek Makeup because you get amazing quality for less money! I own 5 blushes from Sleek in Pan-Tao, Santorini, Scandalous ( which are not available anymore ), Flamingo and Sunrise. The quality of each blush is so pigmented you have to use a light on applying blush on your face and the great thing about is you don't have to spend a lot of money. I would recommend to each and everyone of you Sleek blushes, if you haven't tried them before you should get a blush and you'll admit everything I say :) !

Always learn how to work with a new item!

The real Techniques stippling brush is loved by almost all Beauty blogger and vlogger, I was super excited to try the brush out since I've heard so many great things about it. Comparing the real Techniques stippling brush to a regular one, you'll see that the bristles are shorter and more dense and because of that you can actually buff your foundation, unlike the regular stippling brush which has longer bristles and is less dense makes buffing the foundation onto your skin sometimes a pain! The handle is cute, girly and practical because it's self-standing but I wouldn't recommend it if you just wash your brush! The bristles are synthetic, hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free. When I tried the stippling brush the first couple times out, I didn't get a good finish, so I had to change the foundation and it worked with the new one! My tip for new brushes is experimenting with it a couple times till you get used to it, you may find different uses for just one brush, I use my stippling brush for blushes. If I had to choose between a regular stippling brush and the real techniques brush, I would choose the real techniques brush because of the short bristles, it's easier to work with!