BH Cosmetics

Single Colors


Glamorous Leigh E.
Great for the price but lets talk quality
Photo of product included with review by Glamorous Leigh E.

Bh Cosmetics and the single pan eyeshadows. These 98 cent eye shadows are worth it, but only if your willing to put the work in for them to work. I've bought 13 of the eye shadows from all categories (CS,MS,CM,WM,MM,WS) I've noticed the darker shadow shades are more pigmented than the lighter shades. With some of the lighter shadows you have to scrape the tops just to get the shade to appear with the help of a base underneath. You can solve that problem by depotting the eye shadows to make them more pigmented. Also, they come off very easily so adding a primer will help too. Are they worth it?? Yes, they are inexpensive, depending on the shade you select they can be pigmented just build the color up or depot it, have a variety of shades, very versatile, great for natural makeup and CHEAP hunny... Remember to apply a primer and a base to be on the safe side and your good to go

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Jessica P.
For the price; you can't go wrong

I was put on to BH cosmetics by a fellow MUA. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I decided to create a pallet mixed with matte and shimmer. Now, some of the mattes are a little chalky, but I like the shimmery ones a lot although you do have to layer the colors on and use a really good primer. But other than that, they're good quality for the price.

Azra T.
8 from 10 points!

I own 2 costume palettes, each one contains 15 colors of neutral and bolds, mattes and shimmers. I really like the quality of the eyeshadows, the color payoff is pretty amazing and they are long-lasting. There are only two colors I don't like from the metallic shimmer selection, they are a bit chalky and hard to work with but the rest of them are great, especially WS16 which I use as my brow bone highlighter every day! I wish there will be more color selection in the future!

Kristen A.
Fantastic Quality, Affordable, Large Color Selection & Finishes
Photo of product included with review by Kristen A.

I purchased these during one of many BH Cosmetics sales - I got the 6 color palette and filled it with a warm and cool shade of each finish. They are all phenomenal quality - incredibly pigmented, non-chalky, easily blendable, and long-wearing!

The pan sizes are the same as MAC, so the shadows will fit into a MAC palette and vice versa. BH Cosmetics doesn't use shade names, but use numbers and a lettering system that matches whether it's a cool or warm shade, and which finish it is. I will definitely be purchasing more of these singles!

In regards to the palette, there are divots around the edges of the pan slot so you can easily remove your shadows. The mirror spans the entire lid of the palette, and both the mirror and actual palette have a nice weight to them.

I recommend purchasing one, especially if you visit during a sale.

-- Image shows shades BHWM20, BHCM15, BHCS16, BHWS05, BHMS05, and BHMM20.