Beauty Product Reviews

I recently brought this lipstick & it is a beautiful Nude!!! Great when mixed with another lip gloss which godly shimmer through it!!! I have been rocking this at work & I have been getting so many compliments!! It is so smooth on, great texture & colour. Long lasting & fades out really nicely! Great for most skin tones but awesome to blend with other products to suit your own!

I absolutely love this foundation! This leaves your skin looking and feeling like utter perfection! Beautiful texture, glides on the silk. So yummy for dry to normal skins! Colour range is fabulous & just a lovely foundation that leaves your skin like porcelain.

I recently brought this for me to wear to work as a light fragrance. I brought the Honeysuckle & it is so lovely! I have received many compliments whilst wearing this & many clients were shocked to hear that this was from Mary Kay. It does seem to have that alcohol smell to it at first, but that rubs away into a soft hue of Honeysuckle. Yummy.

My dear friend brought me this as a gift & omg I smelt & felt like a sex symbol afterwards!!!! This left my skin feeling rich & yummy for days. I thoroughly moisturised for days to keep this lingering. Smells utterly devine & is a really nice pick me up if you had a rough patch recently. Thanks my precious Lee for giving me this xo

This is great to use a couple days before a big event. Leaves your lips so soft & tastes great!! Yes, a little messy but the best stuff for you isn't usually the neatest! Obviously you need a great lip balm afterwards to rehydrate the lips so you have the perfect pout. Whenever you exfoliate, you take away moisture & so always (I mean always) replenish your self with a great moisturiser! But don't eat to much of it ;o)

This palette is gorgeous for most eye colours but especially for blue! Use this palette to make those baby blues stand out more I say!! Love it! Great for highlighting heavy brows (like mine :op) & to give beautiful definition. Best option for a more softer version of a smokey eye.