Beauty Product Reviews

A Must!

My favorite eyelash curler. Doesn't pinch and easy to use. It reminds me of my old Kevin Aucoin curler that I miss so dearly. I use this everyday and I've had it for over a year now.

Its not bad by all means

This product nice but I rather save my money and use a pea size of their oil and apply it to my hair dry to add more shine. Like I said its not bad but I really don't think it's a must have if you have the oil

Just enough

This is awesome under foundation as a primer to add a nice glow, as a highlighter and my favorite I put a little blush on add the strobe to my cheekbones blending downwards then add a little more blush over some of the Strobe. It just makes your skin look radiant!

Yes, I will marry you!

This product can be used by everyone! Depending on your texture and how thin/thick your hair is you only use a dime to quarter size. Make sure you rub it in your hands like lotion and apply in the back first. You can always put a dime size in your conditioning treatment to intensify your treatment.