Glimmer Shine Spray


Sarah R.
Its not bad by all means

This product nice but I rather save my money and use a pea size of their oil and apply it to my hair dry to add more shine. Like I said its not bad but I really don't think it's a must have if you have the oil

Stacey P.

This is my absolute favorite product for my hair!! It makes my hair look almost sparkly!! I love the way it smells and works. I use it when my hair is wet before I blow dry. It gives a luminous effect on the hair as well as making it feel silky and smooth. A must try for everyone!!

Tara K.

I have very thick hair! my stylist tried this out on me on WET hair before my blow out. its GREAT! no static or frizz, my hair stayed smooth for 3 days and I wasn't greasy! LOVE!

Stephanie K.

I love this product because it's very versatile. If you have a client with very fine hair, the original oil might be too heavy, so this is nice to use after they are styled just to add some shine. This is great for thick/curly hair as well because the shimmer sits beautifully in the curls. I usually go two days between shampoos, so the only con I've found with this is if I use it a day or two after my shampoo, it can make it look a little greasy, but I also have fine hair.

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