Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler


Imane A.
first curler

i was never one to use a curler until i tried this one out. i got it with the full size mascara plus lash primer. i have to say i really love the whole trio...the mascara is simply amazing and the curler just helps amplify the effect nicely

Mallory C.
New Favorite!
Photo of product included with review by Mallory C.

Let me first start off by saying I bought the 'Neon Lights' limited edition Picture Perfect eyelash curler that comes with the mini 'Lights, Camera Splashes' waterproof mascara, and I'm assuming the curler are the same -- I'm a girl who hasn't had much luck with eyelash curlers, ever, so I came on here and this one was recommended to me by quite a few ladies. I am absolutely in love with how my lashes looked after using this curler with the mascara (I haven't tried it with any other mascara yet). It gave my natural lashes length I have never achieved with anything else! I read some people had some issues with the design of the tool, but it was very ergonomically appealing to me!

Sarah R.
A Must!

My favorite eyelash curler. Doesn't pinch and easy to use. It reminds me of my old Kevin Aucoin curler that I miss so dearly. I use this everyday and I've had it for over a year now.

Courtney B.
Works For Me

I got this originally because it came with a mini LCL, which is one of my favorite mascaras. I had a Revlon curler already, but it wasn't really doing much for me, because the little pad inside the curler kept coming out and I'd get pinched pretty often. So I figured I might as well try this. I got this a couple of years ago and I see no need to ever use another curler. I like how I don't have to stick my fingers into anything and I can just grip it. This curler fits me comfortably and the only times I've pinched myself have been due to user error (I don't always pay attention-- bad idea when you're using stuff so close to your eye...). The only thing I don't like is how this will stop itself before you can close it completely. I would guess that this is to keep you from over-curling and crimping up your lashes, but sometimes I feel like I can't get as dramatic of a curl as I might like. You can close this all the way with a bit more pressure, but I would prefer if it was just more smooth.

Pros: Comfortable Gets all my lashes Gives a more natural looking curl

Cons: Stops itself before closing completely-- requires more pressure

Saffron K.
Does half the job

I bought this curler because I wanted to buy my own, and quit using the old Mary Kay hand-me-down one from my mom. A gal at Sephora introduced this one to me, and I went for it cause it was a pretty colour, and came with free mascara! Who could say no! While it does a better job than the old 20 year old broken spring hand-me-down curler I had previously, it still doesn't wow me. It curls the front half of my lashes, but it either crimps halfway the outer edge of my lashes (no matter how close I press all the edges to my eye) or it doesn't curl the outer edge at all. It also can pinch if I'm not too careful, so I avoid curling my lashes most days.

Laura D.

This eyelash curler looks sturdy but I find it flimsy. My eyelashes have gotten caught there so many times and my left outer lashes got cut one time. I would just go with another brand's eyelash curler.

Millie S.
Dont like

I wanted to really love this eyelash curler. I always used a revlon curler and I also had an ELF one as well. This was my first "high end" curler and I had high expectations for it. Quite honestly, I was disappointed. I didnt like the curl it gave. It seemed to crimp my lashes rather than give them a soft, natural curl. I have tried not pressing hard but it just doesn't work for me. This was a fail. Like the mascara though.