Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler


Mallory C.
New Favorite!
Photo of product included with review by Mallory C.

Let me first start off by saying I bought the 'Neon Lights' limited edition Picture Perfect eyelash curler that comes with the mini 'Lights, Camera Splashes' waterproof mascara, and I'm assuming the curler are the same -- I'm a girl who hasn't had much luck with eyelash curlers, ever, so I came on here and this one was recommended to me by quite a few ladies. I am absolutely in love with how my lashes looked after using this curler with the mascara (I haven't tried it with any other mascara yet). It gave my natural lashes length I have never achieved with anything else! I read some people had some issues with the design of the tool, but it was very ergonomically appealing to me!

Saffron K.
Does half the job

I bought this curler because I wanted to buy my own, and quit using the old Mary Kay hand-me-down one from my mom. A gal at Sephora introduced this one to me, and I went for it cause it was a pretty colour, and came with free mascara! Who could say no! While it does a better job than the old 20 year old broken spring hand-me-down curler I had previously, it still doesn't wow me. It curls the front half of my lashes, but it either crimps halfway the outer edge of my lashes (no matter how close I press all the edges to my eye) or it doesn't curl the outer edge at all. It also can pinch if I'm not too careful, so I avoid curling my lashes most days.

Imane A.
first curler

i was never one to use a curler until i tried this one out. i got it with the full size mascara plus lash primer. i have to say i really love the whole trio...the mascara is simply amazing and the curler just helps amplify the effect nicely

Sarah R.
A Must!

My favorite eyelash curler. Doesn't pinch and easy to use. It reminds me of my old Kevin Aucoin curler that I miss so dearly. I use this everyday and I've had it for over a year now.

Millie S.
Dont like

I wanted to really love this eyelash curler. I always used a revlon curler and I also had an ELF one as well. This was my first "high end" curler and I had high expectations for it. Quite honestly, I was disappointed. I didnt like the curl it gave. It seemed to crimp my lashes rather than give them a soft, natural curl. I have tried not pressing hard but it just doesn't work for me. This was a fail. Like the mascara though.

Courtney B.
Works For Me

I got this originally because it came with a mini LCL, which is one of my favorite mascaras. I had a Revlon curler already, but it wasn't really doing much for me, because the little pad inside the curler kept coming out and I'd get pinched pretty often. So I figured I might as well try this. I got this a couple of years ago and I see no need to ever use another curler. I like how I don't have to stick my fingers into anything and I can just grip it. This curler fits me comfortably and the only times I've pinched myself have been due to user error (I don't always pay attention-- bad idea when you're using stuff so close to your eye...). The only thing I don't like is how this will stop itself before you can close it completely. I would guess that this is to keep you from over-curling and crimping up your lashes, but sometimes I feel like I can't get as dramatic of a curl as I might like. You can close this all the way with a bit more pressure, but I would prefer if it was just more smooth.

Pros: Comfortable Gets all my lashes Gives a more natural looking curl

Cons: Stops itself before closing completely-- requires more pressure

Laura D.

This eyelash curler looks sturdy but I find it flimsy. My eyelashes have gotten caught there so many times and my left outer lashes got cut one time. I would just go with another brand's eyelash curler.