Beauty Product Reviews

Highlighter love.

I feel the name tango may turn many people of this product,To me and anyone in the Uk tango is associated with orange. I purchased this product from Ulta in America in December and have since loved it. I mostly use the white end to highlight the top of my cheekbones as it has pearl without glitter chunks. It also makes a beautiful bronzy blush colour when swirled together. Very affordable product and great packaging.

Alright for the price..i suppose.

I heard great things about these powders. Im just not pushed entirely. I find the tubs are so difficult to use when i tip some product onto a palette it flys everywhere. I need products that work well and are easy to use and this just dosent cut it. I feel every time i use this it needs a base,a colour base and to be applied with water which can leave the eyes over loaded with mess. I cant complain about the price as it is so affordable i just wish they would be in little shadow pots instead of tubes with tiny necks..

Affordable and Amazing payoff!

I have over 15 of these lipsticks now. My favorite would have to be Paris,firstly as the name is super cute and romantic bringing me back to the happy days i have had there. Its also just a beautiful mix of mauve and pink which i feel is the perfect every day lip. These lipsticks are so affordable too. I live in Ireland so i order mine online from when they have a sale and i end up picking up over 10 for 20euro meaning they come out at under €2 a lipstick. I would recommend them for someone who's only getting into lipstick as they have such a range as you will definitely find a shade for you!

Fantastic range of colours from Nyx

I love using these pencils. Milk is one of the greatest colour bases out there. the pigmentation is so strong that a little goes a very long way. I find the white brings out any other colour and makes it pop! I also enjoy using copper almost everyday as it lets the shadow on top stick and give a great powerful kick. Black bean is also amazing as a base,I used it recently for a 1950's eye and the results were fantastic! I also use milk in the waterline to make my eyes appear bigger. A great affordable product.

An outstanding One of a kind product.

I purchased a few urban decay products eyeshadows,blushs etc and receieved a mini potion each time. I began working as a professional Mua and found i was constantly reaching for my UDPP over any other primer. The primer smooths on like a dream,lasts all day and keeps colours looking intense as when first applied. A definite must have product.