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  • Double-Winged Eye Liner

    Double-Winged Eye Liner

    Twice as nice! Keep reading to discover how Beauties are adding double-edged flair to the classic cat eye.

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  • How Do You Use Highlighters?
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    How Do You Use Highlighters?

    Highlighters, or illuminators, are great for opening up your eyes and giving your skin a luminescence and glow, like supermodels in magazine ads. They can show off your best assets, and create cheekbones and brighter, healthier-looking skin. Choosing the right highlighter and knowing where to apply it is essential in achieving the best results, so we spoke with a makeup artist to learn her tricks of the trade.

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  • Trend: Galaxy Nails
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    Trend: Galaxy Nails

    We’re all made of stardust, but have you ever thought of painting it onto your nails? From nebulae to the Milky Way, we show you how to put the cosmos on your fingertips.

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  • Pretty Hair Accessories for Autumn
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    Pretty Hair Accessories for Autumn

    Feel like trying something new with your hair, but don't want to change the color or length? Why not add a cute hair accessory? From pretty flowers to bracelets that turn into hair ties, we've got it covered.

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  • Top 3 Cover Ups

    Top 3 Cover Ups

    Don't you hate when a blemish develops during the day and you have nothing to cover it up? Concealers with wands, brushes, and sponge tips that target smaller areas are perfect to pop into your handbag, gym, or school bag. Here are our Top 3.

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