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Extreme Black 3D like Lashes!

This product is one of my favorite mascaras, it gives me a dark coat of black with just one swipe! I love that it doesn't smear, it doesn't clump, & it coats the lashes evenly!

Only flaw is it's not waterproof due to it being so dark of a black, it does run when washing your face, but that shouldn't matter since your taking your make up off anyway!

Over all it's an amazing mascara that works well with or without false lashes!

Great Serum when Applying Heat!

This product is my go to product when I need to add volume to my hair, especially when blow drying. It smells very fruity which I have stated in my other bed head review that I LOVE scents like that.

I apply this to my wet, damp hair after being towel dried, & I rub the product in my hands & run it through my hair, making sure it gets applied evenly to my hair. Once that is done I brush my hair, & then start blow drying.

It really helps your hair blow dry a lot faster as well, it keeps my fly away's down, & builds up body to my hair.

I have also noticed my ends don't get frizzy which is great, it means that the product is protecting my ends from heat damage. :]

I love this product & I recommend it.

Smells Yummy, & Leaves Hair Soft & Tangle Free!

I bought this product because I wanted to try a Leave in Conditioner for my hair, one that I can use right after I got out of the shower. PLUS BedHead offers my favorite products!

I always read the use of the product & directions before purchasing any product. Just so I can get an idea on wether or not it's what I want. The scent it has is a "fruity smell" like apples & strawberries, which I love fruity smells. I love that it leaves my hair smelling great as well.

So here are my pros & cons : PROS : Smells Great (Fruity) Leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny, & tangle free. Conditions your hair by adding moisture. The Bottle is cute & girly.

CONS : Avoid blow drying your hair after, it gives it a smell that isn't pleasant.

The way I use this product, is after I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair & spray all over to get a decent coverage, I then use a Comb & brush out my hair starting from the ends, so each strand is evenly saturated with the Product. It doesn't leave your hair crunchy, just nice & soft when air dried. :]

Multi Purpose Purrfect for Contouring!

This is my go to brush for contouring, it's a good multi use brush especially when it comes to using certain textures such as cream, powder, or liquid. I contour with Cream & Powder, I have a Diamond shape face, so I have a lot of angles & I love to show my bone structure off. This brush creates smooth, purrfect lines; I don't use this brush to blend I use my 187 MAC brush to blend out the lines I created to give that Natural Contour Look.

The Brush is over all a must have in my everyday brush set, as well as my PRO Brush Belt set. I recommend buying this brush to achieve a good contoured look.

Hope this helps! Look to my Beauty Channel on Youtube or here for more Beauty Info! xo

Best Solution To Clean & Clear Skin!

This Cleanser is the purrrfect solution to clean & clear skin!

I recently made this purchase a long with the MAC Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel, about two days ago. I was suffering from 2-3 large under the skin blemishes that were there for two weeks before trying the Green Gel Cleanser.

I tried it & the next day my skin was soft, had no sign of redness & the huge blemishes appeared smaller. So I continued to use it day & night; the next day I washed my face in the am & pm that night I realized my blemishes were flat & were healing.

This shows that it cleanses the skin really good & works as a fast acting product. The product has a cucumber extract, & all natural ingredients which I enjoy.

I recommend using this with a moisturizer that works for you, I have Combination skin so I get oily only on my forehead, t zone, & chin. My daily skin care routine is the Green Gel Cleanser AM & PM followed with the Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel.

This product is hands down the best skin care cleanser I have ever tried.

I only use MAC Face Products such as Foundation, Primer, & Concealer so using the same skin care brand I think really changes the coverage I get as well as the final result which is FABULOUS RESULTS!

Check out my youtube video about this product along with the other skin care products I use by MAC on my Beauty Channel xo

MAC Skin Care FAVS + How to Achieve a Dewey Finish using Strobe Cream!

*If you have any questions on how I do my skin care routine feel free to leave me a comment!*


I adore this product, I enjoy that it comes in different flavors! That its an all natural product & that it really works! One thing I notice about lip balms is that when you wear it, your lips get chapped again causing you to have to apply more lip balm, or chap stick. With this product it doesn't dry out my lips, I only apply it once every day before I apply my lipstick or lipgloss.

It has a great texture as well, it's affordable, easy to travel with, works well with other products, & it keeps my lips moisturized.

It's worth the money!

PURRFECT BROW Palate for Pro Artists!

I adore their Brow Kits; ALL OF THEM! They have the purrfect match for all shades of color. I have recently tried out their Pro Brow Palate which has multiple shades for the brows including a brow wax, & a concealer. I really love the idea of having this palate especially as Pro Working Artist, it's great to use on set & it's the purrfect fit to store away in your make up kit or vanity.

Check out my Video Review on all the Anastasia Beverly Hills Products I received.

*Video will be up tomorrow* xo

Great Loose Pigments!

I love that these pigments can be used as a multi use product!

I recently tried shades - Crystal Meth, Shrooms, & Fresh Oil to create a nice soft hazy smokey eye!

I went from Saint Germain to Tea Cups!

I may say, this is just as amazing as MAC Cosmetics Saint Germain I love this brand & this company. The product glides on like a lip gloss but looks like a Matte/Shimmery Lipstick. No mess no worries! xo


This brush is purrfect for concealing your under eyes, lips, brows, contouring, basically almost anything!

I use it to conceal my brows, lip, & under my lid. I also use it with liners, pigments, & eye shadow to create depth, designs, & to add color anywhere. <3

It's a great brush that can be used in different ways! IT's worth purrchasing! xo

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