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Puurrfect for a shimmer or a bit of an accent to your look!

I used this in my RingLeader Series & on Model Katherine in my White Mermaid Series. I used it to give my RingLeader look more of ancient goddess appeal so she when she hit the lights it would reflect off beautifully.

When I used this product on my White Mermaid; I put it on her lips with my White Uplight to give her lips a glitter effect.

I enjoyed this product for my fantasy looks; & it works amazing just for a bit of a accent to your every day look!

I hope you enjoy the product as well!


These glitter pigments are amazing, I am so glad to say that I got a free Lit Kit from the company to use at IMATS 2012 & every client I had loved them. I used these on my lips, lashes, eyelids, bottom lids & even the face its self for my mermaid shoot.

The glitter itself is so different compared to other glitter products; most glitter products are rough, itchy & heavy. This glitter comes on smoothly like a loose shadow & doesn't get rough after drying BEST PART it doesn't crack.

Here is a list of reasons why I love this company & why you should buy from them; 1. It is high pigmented 2. Comes on smoothly 3. Stays true to color 4. Works well with other products 5. You can use it as a Multi Use Product on any part of the face/body 6. Works well for High Fashion Shoots

*Tip when wanting to achieve a airbrushed glitter look on your face with out it looking like someone slapped it on, grab either your Mist Fix or Fix or just Spray Water, get your trusty Fan Brush dab the glitter on the Fan & have your client lean back spray the mist or water on your clients face & then lean your fan brush over & slightly dab OVER your clients face while moving your hand around your clients face to get a feathered look.

Tutorial Coming Soon with the technique & the use of the glitter pigments. xo

Not shocked & Not disappointed!

Personally I am starting to loose interest in this companies products. As a professional make up artist you want products that 1. will last, 2. will be highly pigmented, & 3. not wipe off when blending. I bought a good $200 worth of loose pigments from Micabella & I was disappointed with the out come I have used them with water & with out personally the difference isn't a big deal. Yes it comes out metallic like but that doesn't change the fact that you are not getting a high pigmented performance.

Now I did experiment with the loose shadows by adding clear lip gloss to make a custom lipstick for my "Green Goddess* shoot & it worked nicely when mixing with the gloss. I will now only use my Mica Shadows for lipgloss, lipstick or intense brow shades. Here is an image below from my Green Goddess shoot. xo

I hope the shades work nicely for all of you!

Purrfect Look for Doey Eyes!

I enjoyed these lashes I originally bought two pairs of these 1. for a 60's inspired shoot, & the 2nd was for a baby doll Jeremy Scott inspired shoot. They are easy to apply to the bottom lash line, & they looked purrfect for both sets. They also work well as fillers for your top lashes. If you don't want such a dramatic top lash look. I would definitely recommend these. xo

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