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Beauty Product Reviews

A disappointment.

I bought this top coat thinking, you know, it's OPI - they never go wrong. Boy was I mistaken. The formula dragged my 'almost dry' polish leaving streaks, even dragging whatever design I've meticulously drawn on. It also took a long time a dry! Rapidry? I don't think so.

After leaving it alone for a couple of months (kept in a box in a cool area), I whipped it out and it went on super thick and bubbled very badly. I absolutely hate bubbly nail polish!

Bottom line is, I highly do not recommend this top coat.

Love it!

My favourite eyelash glue to date!

I love the brush applicator because it means there aren't any wasted product (eg. applying glue to back of hand then brushing lash band through the glue) and the brush tip is fine enough to ensure the right amount of glue is applied to the lash band.

The glue formula doesn't irritate my skin (some glue gives my eyes a burning sensation when applied) and it definitely holds up from the strong wind! You'll probably don't have to worry about your eyelashes flying away.

Nothing Special

Generally a good product which left my lashes really thick and defined.

However, I do dislike the cheap packaging which looked like there was minimal effort put on designing the packaging. (I am a sucker for pretty packaging).

The brush needs a steady hand or you'll probably risk stabbing yourself with the massive brush.

All in all, I do think that the mascara formula would have worked fine, or probably better, if the brush wasn't as massive.

A staple of mine

I have seriously grown to love this product! It's creamy and pigmented with the perfect shade of brown. Not too dark, not too light. Perfect for defining the lash line!

However, on the very first swipe of the product on the back of my hand, the tip broke off entirely! I was initially really taken aback for the seemingly poor quality of the product but I have never experienced this again even after using it almost daily for the past half year.

Also, this product is definitely not smudge proof. It come off when I accidentally rub my eyes, but it never smudges on normal occasions (eg. slight rain and normal blinking).

Never again!

I actually really really dislike this product! The stain tends to slip and settle in the cracks of my lips only and they were REALLY hard to remove even with a lip remover!

However, this is just how the product reacted with my lips. I know a whole bunch of people who loves this product so I'm guessing this products works for some and doesn't work for some.